100% Italian extra virgin olive oil from the lands of Sannio. Discover the flavor and tradition of the products of the Vascello brothers!

About us

The aim of our company is to create a product of absolute quality, , an oil which can give the customer a sense of
naturalness and originality.

Luigi and Michele Vascello, extra-virgin olive oil young artists, the result of a work carried out with love for tradition and deep respect for past experiences, which looks at the future with commitment and dedication.

Our vision is to create a trustworthy relationship with customers. Our time, our engagement and, above all, our energies are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers on a daily basis. Our Evoluto extra-virgin olive oil is a guarantee of wellbeing and purity.

The art of making a good oil

Producing quality oil is an art that ...
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Our Oil

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The Samnium

The Samnium, the growing area from which our precious Evoluto extra-virgin olive oil was born.

In a hilly area, 500/600 metres above sea level, well-ventilated and surrounded by mountains, which guarantees a cool and dry climate, it makes pure the air of the whole area. Olive trees, originally planted in areas less suitable for herbaceous and cereal crops, have become centuries-old plants placed on steeps and well-drained grounds, with better exposure to the sun. The harmony between the territory and the olive trees has allowed us to make a dream come true as a reality that is strongly consolidated, recognized and appreciated nationally and internationally.