Vascello oil

Our oil


Vascello extra-virgin olive oil comes from evergreen olive branches, cultivated on the lush hills of the Samnium, on a family territory where our olive oil mill is the protagonist. Our olives, mainly of the Ortice variety, are harvested with the help of mechanical facilitators and are cold pressed within 24 hours to preserve the quality of the product.

Cold pressing is a technique that we particularly care about because it allows us to keep the physical and nutritional characteristics of our oil unchanged, allowing the organoleptic properties to remain intact and guaranteeing all the benefits that can derive from the consumption of a freshly milled oil. The oil produced is immediately stored in stainless steel containers with no oxygen and at a controlled temperature in order not to alter the quantity of minerals, vitamins and substances rich in antioxidant properties, useful to our body.

Why Evoluto?

Evoluto is our flagship, an oil that does not cover the flavours, but enhances the taste of all the ingredients it meets, both cooked and raw. Evoluto extra-virgin olive oil is a product that offers a unique multisensory experience during the tasting process, involving its users by offering memories able to imprint on the memory.

Evoluto is a tasty, intense oil that enhances fruity, bitter, spicy notes which represent the fundamental attributes of an unforgettable product.

The main chemical parameters that help to evaluate the organoleptic qualities of Evoluto extra-virgin olive oil, such as acidity, number of peroxides and polyphenols, are fundamental indicators to express the palate pleasure of the oil, but above all, its nutritional value. Extra-virgin olive oil is considered one of the main and indispensable elements in the Mediterranean diet thanks to the nutritional principal contained in it and have beneficial effects on the health.